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Corporate Sales Meeting Entertainment

Meld The Message With The Magic

Brian Glow utilizes hysterical audience participation, guaranteed to make your sales meeting memorable, motivational and impactful. Imagine… magically producing a VIP, keynote speaker or award winners from an empty product box!

  • Your message, theme, product, service or idea seamlessly integrated with innovative and original illusions, making your message indelible!
  • Learn how to make your competition DISAPPEAR.
  • Your sales team becomes the heroes of your event, elevating them to new heights.
  • Create team building with a sense of wonder and intrigue expanding creativity.
  • Make your message unforgettable with a custom blend of magic and humour, using interactive audience participation to keep them on the edge of their seats.
Meeting Entertainment
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“At this years sales meeting, we used corporate magician Brian Glow, who made a motorcycle, with our CEO, appear from a video screen in a puff of smoke. It was the best sales meeting we have ever had.”

David Marcuse Trillium Transport Services
Corporate Meeting Entertainment

Boring meetings are a thing of the past with mind blowing meeting entertainment from Brian Glow! Sales and business meeting expert Brian Glow solves your greatest dilemma - keeping your meetings fun-filled and exciting! Brian incorporates your themes, logos, issues and even products into a tailor-made presentation that will keep your attendees on the edge of their seats!

Studies prove that you actually need your meetings to be Fun and Extra special – to increase knowledge acquisition and use, after the event, all while staying within a budget. With Brian’s interactive comedy magic, your group will retain more information then you ever imagined possible. Having the experience of many years of corporate meeting entertainment under his belt, Brian Glow will meet your needs and much, much more!

Eliminate Boring Meetings... By Making Them Memorable!

Magically produce VIP’s, keynote speakers or award winners in a puff of smoke or from an empty product box! Make them the heroes of your event, elevating them to new heights! Make your message unforgettable with Brian Glow's custom blend of magic and humour, melding interactive audience participation with your meeting entertainment. Keep them on the edge of their seats, creating team building with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Brian Glow melds your message, theme, product and service, gets everyone involved and keeps them laughing. Discover how Brian Glow’s customized programs of comedy, magic, illusion, mind-reading and audience participation will make your sales meeting amazingly successful, entertaining, fun, memorable and make you look great!

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