Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? +

We offer many different entertainment packages for Corporate Events, sales meetings, trade shows, product launches, conferences, conventions, parties and banquets, etc... For complete details, including pricing, simply fill out the quick and easy form in the Contact Page:

How much space do you need? +

It varies depending on the show. From a full concert hall theater to as small as a 12′ x 12′ x 2′ stage at a banquet hall. We will give you exact details when we know the type of show(s) you require.

Do you only perform in Canada? +

No, Brian  is not just a Winnipeg magician! Corporate event entertainment provided by Winnipeg Magician Brian Glow is available internationally! Not only does Brian work outside of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, but he has performed thousands of events overseas and across the world in over 40 countries.

Can you perform the show outdoors? +

Yes! Brian can perform outdoors providing the weather is decent. However if the wind is blowing excessively or the rain falling it could prove challenging. It’s always safer to have it indoors or a covered area plus there will be the added benefits of less distractions.

Can we serve food and beverages during your show? +

We recommend serving meals, desserts & drinks before or after the corporate event entertainment. It’s a HUGE distraction for attendees, clients or guests if plates of food are being added or removed.  Brian HIGHLY recommend NOT having any food service, bar service or plating during the performance (especially because it’s a show based on audience attention, interaction, participation… and your company image).

Do you require a deposit? +

Yes! We require 50% down payment and the remainder on the day of the event, unless other arrangements are made.

Is the show clean and age appropriate? +

Yes! Brian takes pride that the show is Ultra-Clean but hysterically funny. The performance is specifically geared towards adults and corporate events but could be viewed by the whole family.

We want to recognize and celebrate a V.I.P (s), can you help? +

Yes! Brian Glow is a professional corporate event entertainer and can work with you to do something spectacular such as making the person (or people), magically appear or even vanish :). Brian can also work with you to make keynote speeches and employee awards magical, giving them even more importance!

Do you know of any sources for magical tricks for giving out to our attendees to make the event even more memorable? +

Yes! Brian has created and supplied custom designed, as well as, Logo’ed magic tricks to help break the ice at a table or used in workshop entertainment to teach “Memorabilty” and especially at trade shows to create “Booth Recognition”.

Can you to entertain our attendees and clients before the formal event starts or afterwards in a hospitality suite? +

Brian specializes in this type of roaming-mingling magic. Your guests are treated to individual mini-performances for small groups of 3-5 people as he wanders the room. These amazing performances create buzz for the main event and get your people truly “In The Mood” for a wonderful day or evening.

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