Holiday Season Performance wrap up.

Well it’s been an amazing Corporate Holiday Party Season. My last show is coming up on December 20th. With a jam-packed November and December it will be great to spend time with the family.

January is going to still be very busy as many companies that are too busy to have a party during their peak selling season, opt to have a celebration with staff at a later date. Some even go as far as waiting until February. It’s a lot of fun trying to recreate that party atmosphere yet keep a holiday feel about the event.

The coming year is also filled with Trade Shows, Sales Meetings, Association Meetings for Corporate Event Entertainment and a few very, very cool product launches (more on that – AFTER they occur) .

One of the highlights of 2014 was my Grand Illusion performance with the wonderful Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball organization. During the All Star Competition a sold out 7000 spectators watched us cut one of our dancers into 4 pieces and mixed up the parts so her body was not in order! I also floated a spectator in mid-air as well as taking a young girl from the audience, squeezing her into a small box and shoving 11 baseball bats into the box. When opened she had vanished leaving only the bats criss-crossing the interior. Later, to her father delight she reappeared in the box. I also cut and restored a 40 foot banner of cloth and with the audiences help, 10 people on the field holding giant envelopes, predicted a telephone number from , yes, an actual phone book!

I hope I see you all as we tour the world in 2015.